Class Schedules

Block Schedule 6.10.20

The Pre Kindergarten Program

No better way to prepare your miniature clone for world domination! Take your Gym Tot through guided physical challenges designed to improve strength, coordination, flexibility and gross motor skills. 

This is a set of gymnastics classes where the child improves their general motor skills while learning the basics of gymnastics. At these young ages, each child’s comfort level is unique onto them and during these classes parents are welcomed & encouraged to help guide their children through the lesson plan of the day. This program is divided into two age groups; 18 months old thru 3 years, and 3 years old thru 5 years of age. The overlap in ages is child dependent, the younger group has more parent involvement while the older group is for the more independent children.

Gym Tots

Ages 18 months – 3 yrs old
Duration: 30 min

Tiny Tumblers

Ages 3 – 5
Duration: 45min

Mighty Minis (by coaches invitation only)

Ages 3 – 5

Duration:55 minutes

Gym 1

Ages 5+
Duration: 55 Minutes

Introductory course for those starting their gymnastics training. Fundamentals of gymnastics are taught through engaging curriculum on all events including; Bars, Beam, Floor, Vault. 

Gymnastics 101

Gym 2

Builds on skills learned in the beginner levels and starts to focus on more advanced gymnastics skills. Advanced class will strengthen the gymnast’s flexibility, balance, and coordination. Completion of Gymnastics 101 or instructor evaluation is required to reach the Advanced class. 

Advanced Gymnastics 

Jr. Ninja Warriors

Your young athlete will feel like a real Ninja Warrior in our challenging and exciting athletic training classes! Each workout combines fun Ninja Warrior elements with classic athletic training including: agility, athletic speed training, balance and strength.

Jr. Ninja Warriors  Beginingg and Advanced classes are available

Beginning and Advanced Tumbling Classes

Beginning Tumbling students are taught fundamentals needed in all aspects or tumbling and acrobats. Handstand, Cartwheel, Round-Off, and Kick-overs are the primary skills focused on in this class.

Beginning Tumbling
Ages 5+
Duration: 55 minutes / week

Advanced Tumbling specializes in the instruction of advanced difficulties of floor acrobatics for gymnastics, cheerleading, martial arts, parkour, or general acrobatic skill. Coaches approval is needed to enter this class. Back handspring, Back Walkover, and/or powerful Round-off is required for entry.

Advanced Tumbling
Ages 7+
Duration: 55 minutes / week

Open Gym Rules & Policies

Below is our Rules and policies for Open Gym. This applies to all open gyms here at North Port Gymnastics. Also please see our Shoe Policy in regards to cheer-leading.

Open Gym Rules IMG Download a copy here: OPEN GYM RULES


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